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Walt Disney in Orlando FL
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Walt Disney World Florida

There are plenty of places to take your family on vacation in Florida but one of the most popular vacation spots is Walt Disney in Orlando FL where dreams are made. Why not find the magic yourself by making it your next vacation destination.

There is no question that Walt Disney World in Florida is a great place for a family vacation. There are four main themes - Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney MGM Studios, and Animal Kingdom.

There are also plenty of other attractions in Orlando FL. So your family will have plenty to do. In fact there really is too much to see and do in just one vacation which is usually around 10 days. You should plan to come back because if you rush through it you are not going to enjoy what it really has to offer. Remember it's supposed to be magical.

If you've got time you should explore the beautiful white sandy beaches. Soak up some of those sunny rays and relax a little too. This is especially useful after a hectic day at the theme park. Let the kids get a little down town too. You might also consider just enjoying the swimming pool if your hotel has one. Most do and some are extremely exotic. Float around and let those worries float away. That's the beauty of vacations. Suddenly your day to day life at home is forgotten.

Accommodations range from value packed at around $55 a night to deluxe costing well over $300 of course you can just image what you get for that. If you've come to find the magic at Walt Disney World in Florida you won't need that deluxe room. On the other hand if you are on your honeymoon it might be just what you need.

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Consider purchasing your tickets online because you can find packages that will save you a few dollars. As well if you pick up your tickets close to your travel time you can save even more. There are plenty of options so don't get overwhelmed when you see the prices at first.

When it comes to eating out it's much like the accommodations. You can have a cheap meal like at McDonalds or you can eat on the Ritz. If you want a really special dining experience without the children, look for a resort that offers child care services. It's a handy service.

Make sure you pack you favorite pair of comfortable shoes. Ladies this isn't the time for style because if you develop blisters you are going to take the magic out of the vacation for everyone.

You also need to pack rain ponchos. In the summer there is almost always an afternoon shower and the least amount of space is these portable rain ponchos that you can keep in your backpack.

Once you find the magic at Walt Disney World in Florida you'll be coming back to Orlando FL time and time again. After all were else can you go to have your dreams come true? Experience the magic and take those memories home.

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Walt Disney World in Florida
Disney World in Florida

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