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Walt Disney World Tickets

Walt Disney World remains one of the most magical and memorable places to visit but there's no question it can be expensive. This is why it's smart to buy Walt Disney World tickets online from companies that offer discounts.

There are all kinds of ticket packages on the market and since the cost of these tickets is such a big part of the vacation budget it certainly pays to try to save a few dollars whenever you can.

Walt Disney World tickets for a family of four run around $170 just to enjoy what the theme parks have to offer. By seeking out ticket discounts online you can reduce those costs. It all starts with planning.

  • Plan Your Itinerary - map your vacation out step by step.
  • Review some of the printed material on various tours so that you can decide what you might be interested.
  • Decide which parks you want to visit on which days.
  • Come up with a schedule for the various vacation dates that you are able to travel on.

free Walt Disney World tickets

Once you have a basic itinerary established you can start to look for Walt Disney World tickets online at a discount. Here are just a few examples of Walt Disney World tickets that are offered at a discount:

  • Combine It Your Way - allow you to purchase exactly the tickets you need and want and at a discount package price. Lot's of flexibility.
  • One Day Theme Park - these tickets expire within 14 days of being purchased and are good for one day. They are often sold at very reduced prices and they are perfect if that's all you need.
  • One Day Small Parks - this includes water slides, video game hauls, night clubs, sporting events, and the like. One day's worth of non theme park events for a discounted price.
  • Park Hopper Pass - lets you jump between all four of the major theme parks at your whim. This pass costs considerably more because of the flexibility it entails.
  • Water Park Fun - gives you a chance to enjoy all of the Disney water parks like Pleasure Island, or Disney Quest.
  • Theme Pass & Dining - this can be great value if you are actually going to use it but it can also be the biggest waste of cash so be careful.
  • Annual pass - is available for the whole year. If you plan to visit more than once this is an excellent investment.
  • 3 Day Pass for Florida Residents - If you live in Florida and have proper identification you can get a 3 day pass for $160 saving you about $50.

The list of Walt Disney World tickets that can be purchased with a discount could go on and on but it gives you a pretty good idea of what's available. There are plenty of websites offering a variety of discount Walt Disney World tickets so take the time to explore. Your pocket book will thank you and you'll have more money for the other things you'd like to do.


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Walt Disney World tickets
Disney World tickets
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