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Walt Disney World Vacations

Teens - most of us parents shutter at the idea that we might be on vacation with those raging hormones so you might be surprised to discover that Walt Disney World vacations for teens can be a real hit. In fact be prepared to have the time of your life with your teens.

Here's a safe place for them to assert just a little independence from you. Let them have a little freedom at the Walt Disney World resort - a place they'll never forget. In fact one of the most popular places for teens is the "The Most Magical Place On Earth" because they are old enough to enjoy some of the more intense rides and they are old enough not to tire, and they are old enough to spend time on their own. So where are some of the favorite hang outs for the teens?

Walt Disney World Water Parks

They'll have a real blast here and there are two great water parks to choose from. Blizzard Beach has a melting alpine resort theme complete with chair lifts which carry swimmers rather than skiers. Teens are daredevils by nature and that's why they love the rushing water and the death defying slides on Summit Plummet which is 120 feet and reaches 60 miles an hour.

Typhoon Lagoon is the second water world which is set up like a fantasy tropical island with a wave pool that simulates the largest waves in the real world.

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Live It Up Downtown

After the park closes let your teens grab a bus from Walt Disney World resort for a night at downtown Disney. Your teens will find 5 floors of interactive games, an AMC theater, a Cirque du Soleil show, 60 shops, and all kinds of great restaurants for the teen customer: places like Rainforest Café or Planet Hollywood. In fact some vacation packages even include meals at a couple of these hot spots.

Cool off with a Dip in the Walt Disney World Resort Pools

Make sure you let your teens put their two cents in when it comes time to book your vacation packages. Chances are they'll be asking for a great pool. And since Disney World has some terrific themed pools let them give you their three top picks - then see what you can do to work one of them into your vacation packages.

Snorkel & Scuba et Epcot Living Seas

What would your teens think of snorkeling or scuba diving in the 5.7 million gallon saltwater aquarium. They could spend time swimming with sharks, fish, turtles, and rays through the DiveQuest program. It's a moment they'll never forget. It's magic.

White Knuckle Riding at Richard Petty Driving Experience

Here's another memorable experience for your teens as they white knuckle that NASCAR style race car around the track. If your teen is at least 16 they can participate in the Ride Along Program at speeds up to 145 mph with an experienced instructor. For those 18 or older they can learn to drive their own race car.

Walt Disney World vacations for teens are a great way for your teens to have a magical and memorable experience.

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Walt Disney World vacations

Walt Disney World vacations

Disney World vacations

vacations for teens
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